Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.” – Stephen Hawking

Charles Swindoll once said that life was just ten percent what happens to you, and ninety percent how you react to it. There is a lot that happens that you can’t control. You can, however, always control your attitude towards life. When it comes to adapting and overcoming the trials and tribulations of life, your attitude will be your biggest deciding factor.

If you make the conscious decision to keep a positive attitude despite the hardships of life, then you will be that much closer to adapting and overcoming them. A person with a calm, clear head will make decisions based on logic, as opposed to a frustrated or indifferent person, who will make decisions based solely on emotion. If you can keep yourself on course during the storm, then you will surely make it to land.

Adapt, and overcome.

When it comes down to it, success and failure boil down to this concept in nearly every scenario. Did you take the measures necessary to adapt? Did you change to better suit your environment? Did you transform so that you may prosper?

Or, did you resist? Did you make the decision to cease growth, and become stagnant? Have you given up? Are you focused on surviving, and not interested in overcoming? These are questions that you may need to ask yourself. Because life is always changing. Every day is new, with new highs and new lows. If you aren’t adapting, then you are choosing to let life pass you by.


And then, overcome.