Cold-calling isn’t dead, it’s just different than what it used to be. It has taken on a different meaning. The definition has changed. If you think cold-calling is dead, check your dictionary; you may have last year’s edition.

I make a living from cold-calling, and I have done so for over twenty years now.

Not just cold-calling, but cold-calling the owners and GM’s of dealerships nationwide. I pick up the phone, talk to a person that I’ve never met who probably lives in a state that I’ve never been to, and then we do business together.

In fact, my entire sales team makes cold calls, and they do it on a daily basis. It’s a requirement at my company. My sales team does not sit and wait for things to happen, they make them happen.

The difference between my cold-call and the person who is cold-calling off of a list that sits on their desk is that my calls are targeted. The calls are only “cold” in the sense that the recipient doesn’t know who I am. I, however, know exactly who they are, how they think, what industry they’re in, and how my company can solve the problems that they are currently facing. My calls, as well as the calls of my employees, are calculated, they come with a purpose and a plan of action. We’re not just calling and shouting out pitches, we are calling to consult and partner with a new client.

The difference in these two cold-calling styles is that one of them works and one of them does not. People say cold-calling is dead because they’re thinking about what cold-calling sounded like back in the ’90s.

dial the number listed, give a rehearsed pitch, get hung up on, rinse and repeat.

If that’s your definition of cold-calling, then yes. Cold-calling is dead. It’s been dead for a long time. But that isn’t what I’m talking about.

I’m talking about an educated, well-thought-out call from one sales professional to another. I’m talking about calling someone who does not know you, but gives you the time of day because you dialed with a purpose. Someone who wasn’t interested when they answered but became a customer by the time that they hung up.

Cold-calling isn’t dead, it just transformed.