This one will be different but I am going to attempt to bring “Food for thought” using simple doors, windows, and walls.
A door is any means of approach, admittance, or access from one place to another, while a window is a visible transparent barrier used to view or display objects located outside of our current location. This makes the next one interesting…a wall is a permanent upright construction having a length much greater than the thickness and presenting a continuous surface except where pierced by doors and windows. A wall is used for shelter, protection, and privacy. It is also used to subdivide space, and to support foundations and ceilings.

Windows are important because that where vision lives and without vision people run wild…(Proverbs 29:18). But a lot of people stop at vision and never go further. It takes more than just looking out of windows to reach our goals. It can be said that a window is the where we first envision something but that an open door is how we get there.

People matter…they are either a wall or a door. And you must be careful who gains access to your life. Everyone that comes into your life and everyone who’s called to be in your life have to learn the way to function as a wall and a door. All people in your life function as either a wall or a door. (That means if God wants to bless you He will send a relationship and if the devil wants to curse you he will send a relationship. So we find that people occupy positions as walls and doors in our life and that those who come into our life need to understand when to be a wall and when to be a door.

A wall keeps things from me that I don’t want on me.

  1. A wall is protection
  2. A wall is a defense

We need people around us that are willing to stand as a wall around us. They don’t let everything get through to us.

A door is a place of access. Things that are to walk into our lives do so through a door.

But when you have the wrong people in your life…those two things get mixed up. You end up with somebody who keeps us from you all of the good stuff…and opens us up to all of the bad stuff. So we must be careful who we give access to (or let be a door) in our life.

Also remember that “Little Hinges Open Big Doors”! 
I ran across these words recently and couldn’t help but feel they were a perfect metaphor for those who are making a difference in their surroundings. Although you may never hear about them in the news, these people initiate and propel changes that may otherwise never occur. So the next time you are feeling under-appreciated and overworked just remember that the big doors of change can’t swing open without you.

If you are interested in impacting change in your life and the of those lives around you must reach out and connect with those who share those interests. Look for the doors and walls…get off of the window seat and stop looking out over the horizon dreaming about what can be accomplished and open the door and walk through it! It’s time to make a positive and meaningful impact on the lives of those around you that you touch.

Hope keeps you going, you hope you’ll make a difference, or you wouldn’t even get out of bed every morning. Oftentimes, however, you become immersed in the daily grind, become discouraged and lose sight of the big picture. So we must reach out and connect with those individuals that God has placed in our lives (the Doors). This helps us to break away from the grind and the feelings of the same old monotonous daily activities.

Speaking from a position of leadership, I certainly can attest to the reality of that feeling of isolation. The oft mentioned saying “It’s lonely at the top” is very true. To overcome these feelings you must let yourself reach out, and help others find the opportunities to put their talents to use. So, no matter what we do for a living, a potential advantage can come from every situation we are in, positive or negative.

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