Let’s talk about dust. That’s right I said DUST!

Dust causes sneezing, runny nose, itchy watery eyes, congestion, pressure and pain. So why do we want to talk about it?

DUST – Particles of matter regarded as the result of disintegration (the process of losing cohesion or strength)…fabric that has fallen to dust over time.

I want to show you what to do with the dust in your life. I’m not talking about literal dust but the dust I’m speaking about cause’s the following:

D – distraction, disillusionment, depression, and disappointment

U – unable, unarmed, used, unwilling

S – stagnant, sterile, stinking-thinking

T – tension, terror

  1. Will affect our process and ultimately prevent us from reaching our destination.
  2. Must—be dealt with properly before we can move forward.
  3. Must be IDENTIFIED before it can dealt with
How to identify your DUST:

Which of the following best describes your dust?

  1. Gather dust – to sit unused for a long time. Dormant.
    1. Have you been in neutral so long that you are dusty?
    2. POND mentality – stagnant…STAND STILL…stiff – is this you?
  2. Dry as dust – [dry as a bone]…very dry…dull…boring.
    1. Are your methods stale? Are you in need of a fresh perspective [vision]
    2. MUST ADD WATER – base fluid of ALL living organisms
  3. Dust bunny – a clump of dust and lint.
    1. You have accumulated days, weeks, maybe even years of dust
    2. The dust has created a blockage in your process. The path that was once clear (vision) has been obstructed by the [dust bunny].
  4. Bite the dust – to die.
    1. Has your dream died? Maybe your situation has been dormant for so long you need a resurrection of sorts…

Once we identify then we must DEAL with the DUST. Here are ways we deal with DUST:

D – determination, discipline, dedication

U – unified, unwavering, understanding

S – strong, steady, single-minded [focus]

T – tough, tenacious

We will face challenges during the process [journey]…if our destination has any value whatsoever.  Look at it this way…“The richer the treasure the tougher the journey”.

SO we must expect challenges. SO MAYBE YOU:

  1. After the dust settles – when the fabric of life has fallen to the ground all around us over time it eventually stops falling…AND THEN WE can deal with the DUST. AS LONG AS WE HAVE A LITTLE LIFE LEFT IN US…then it’s not over.
  2. Shake the Dust off – make something usable after it has not been used for a long time.
    1. I have found that when I get rid of the dust the very thing that lay dormant comes back to life.
    2. DUST YOURSELF OFF…Get up…Get going
  3. Leave somebody/something in the dust
    1. Move quickly away from someone or something…replace old with something new
    2. Once you deal with DUST in your life you then get NEW –           i.    VISIONii.    PURPOSEiii.    DESIREiv.    PASSION

DONE and DUSTED – is an old British phrase that means SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED!!

I want to encourage all of us to DEAL with the DUST in our lives!

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