Ignite (first things first)

We place a lot of emphasis on closing and finishing strong. It makes sense as these are many times the most defined and visible parts of any selling process. However, it is interesting when you think about how neither would be necessary or even possible if it weren’t for what preceded. Let me explain it this way; look at the biggest month/week you’ve experienced in sales. You can almost always trace the ending back to a solid pivotal shift. You noticed that I didn’t say beginning? That’s because a lot of the time we don’t start well, possibly, we even begin badly, but we can always without question trace our strong finish to a moment that we IGNITED…and it was at that very moment of determination that the slate was set for everything else to follow.

Let’s look at just a couple places where this principle is true:

  • Space shuttle/Rocket
    • Without ignite you have no man on the moon, space station, or today we have no HD video of Mars.
  • Automobiles
    • Today’s vehicles are equipped with the best amenities available: top of the line sound systems, Ice cold AC, Bluetooth, heated seats,, and even email/text capabilities etc. The one thing that we need is the ignition…without it we have nothing else. None of the comforts are possible without turning the ignition!
  • Fire
    • We use this for cooking our food, heating our homes, and even operating our appliances. It is one of our basic elements and yet it does no good without the ability of combustion. It must be ignited! “Think about using a lighter…you flick the flint and then it ignites…only then can it be used”.

This principle is just as true in your career when it comes to succeeding at something. It takes process and there are a lot of components that all play a part in us excelling at something. But all of them follow ignition…which is the act or process of initiating reaction… that in turn produces!

Ignite – React – Produce

So even if you’ve gotten off to a slow start you can IGNITE today! Ignite the fuel in your internal engine…COMBUST… get HOT…catch FIRE!

Enjoy the ride!

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