iPD Agency Core Values

At iPD Agency, we are committed to living out our core values whether we’re on the clock or enjoying our weekend. We are blessed to have a truly diverse, passionate team who display integrity in all that they do.


It’s simple, really. We’re honest.
As a Christian-based organization, iPD Agency is founded on the belief that honesty and integrity is a way of life, not a business decision.

We’re not your typical, run of the mill organization looking to make a quick buck. We work hard to foster long-term relationships with both our clients and employees.


Yeah, we love what we do!
You won’t find a more passionate group of people outside of the iPD Agency team! We believe in our products and our ability to help clients grow their businesses.

Our measure of success is client-based. If our clients aren’t winning, we’re not winning!


Be daring. Be first. Be different. And don’t ever give up.
The iPD Agency team is made up of a diverse group of people from all walks of life. We’re different. We’re about inclusion, not exclusion.

Our team truly believes in the iPD vision and each day we come together to work toward building a better future.

Mission Statement

To build a stable and lasting organization that helps as many people as possible realize their dreams.