I am going to equate the sales process to flying an airplane. Too many times we focus on the “in air” process. That’s right! We put so much of our attention on the presentation and though it is important, not enough emphasis is placed on the opening and the close. This results in lower closing ratios and missed opportunities. I think we would all agree that there are some great pilots out there, but all too many times they never get the opportunity to show off their capabilities because they can’t get off the runway, or they take off and cruise through the flight and crash and burn just shy of the runway. So remember when you’re preparing to make a sales call it is important that you set the precedence from the very beginning. Make sure that in the opening you separate yourself from all of the others. I suggest implementing passion, excitement, credibility, and confidence when beginning a sales conversation. The understanding that the “close” is NOT a separate process from the rest of the sale. You don’t leave your house in the morning and leave your front door open all day. You close it behind youand LOCK it. So when you’re finished with your presentation, ask for the sale, land the plane.

“Now go sell something.”

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