The new year has arrived. As such, with January and February comes a prosperous, if not chaotic time for the automotive industry: tax season. Yes, tax season is a time in which there will be an influx of consumers with a newfound down payment. Tax season is a rush for dealerships across the nation. The hours are long. Salespeople are running around the lot all day long, and, love it or hate it, you will make money if you handle this time correctly.

Edmunds noted that one-third of all Americans spend their refund on an automotive-based purchase. They also found that the average federal tax return is about $3,000. Imagine a showroom full of prospects who have just received $3,000 and are looking over your inventory. How many, on average, do you think that you could get done?

Well, first you must get them into your showroom. This is where Mailology comes in. When someone has that kind of a down payment, several doors open to them in terms of purchasing a vehicle. During tax season, it is not so much a matter of if you can get the deal done. Rather, it is if you can successfully attract customers and manage to stick out among the other dealerships in your market. Direct mail is ideal for the chaotic time period that is tax season. By reaching out to customers towards the start of January, you will have a better shot of active buyers remembering your store once their tax return has made it to their bank account. You act as the closer, while Mailology filters in serious buyers and attracts them into your showroom.

If you are looking to get the most bang for your buck during the next couple of months, and you want to ensure that your store has a successful tax season, I advise giving Mailology a try. With customized options to fit the style of your specific dealership, Mailology will provide a way for you to reach customers within your market, and show them why they should choose you over another dealership down the street. Tax season is about sticking out, and Mailology provides you with the opportunity to do just that.

We look forward to working with you!

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