If you do not at least have a mild obsession with your passion, perhaps it isn’t your true passion. If you take a look at the life of anyone who has ever reached greatness, you will notice an obsession on some level. When I think of an individual who displayed the importance of obsessing over their passion, I think of Arnold Schwarzenegger. While his story of going from a world-champion bodybuilding to an award-winning actor is legend, the steps leading up to this transition are not often discussed. In order to reach the success that Arnold Schwarzenegger did, he had to work hard, and chase his passion every single day.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s obsession over exercising is well documented. As an aspiring bodybuilder, Schwarzenegger’s day started at 7am sharp, when he would arrive to Gold’s Gym with good friend and fellow bodybuilder Franco Columbu. After training the specific muscle group of the day, Arnold and Franco would walk a mile down the road, and continue to work out at the famous Muscle Beach. Arnold Schwarzenegger did this in order to get an even tan for upcoming bodybuilding contests, as Arnold believed that lifting weights outdoors would give him a more even and natural tan than if he went to a tanning salon.

Then came the nutrition and dieting.

Arnold Schwarzenegger intently studied the importance of proper nutrition. He read book after book on diets for bodybuilders, and placed importance on getting a surplus of vitamins in order to fuel his body. Arnold ate five to six meals a day, focusing mainly on high protein foods. He would eat complex carbs no later than thirty minutes before he exercised, in order to ensure that he had enough energy for his workout. Arnold preferred leaner meat, such as chicken and fish, to beef and pork. He viewed everything that he put into his body only as fuel for his day-to-day routine.

After a morning of exercise and a long day of working, the evening was dedicated to yet another workout. Arnold Schwarzenegger would devote each night to yet another session at Gold’s, working meticulously on his legs and abdominal muscles. It is this obsession and dedication to chasing his dream that allowed Schwarzenegger to become a seven-time Mr. Olympia winner.

During the few hours a day in which Arnold was not lifting weights, he was busy making a name for himself. Arnold gave many seminars at various gyms in the area on lifting weights. These seminars paid very little, but helped Arnold with his bills. In 1968, He and Franco started a bricklaying business, which flourished, following the 1971 San Fernando earthquake. Arnold and Franco then made the decision to take their profits from the bricklaying business, and start a mail-order business, selling instructional information and tapes for bodybuilders. Schwarzenegger and Colombu handled orders entirely by themselves. The business soon found success, and allowed the two the financial freedom to focus on bodybuilding.

In the mid seventies, Arnold used the winnings from bodybuilding competitions, as well as the money from his mail-order business to invest into real estate.

Arnold was an entrepreneur in every sense of the word. He knew that despite the successful bodybuilding career, and despite the illustrious acting career that followed, he had to work hard to remain successful.

Arnold Schwarzenegger became a household name. He found success as a bodybuilder, a fitness guru, an actor, an investor, and a politician not because of luck, but because of his dedication, and his obsession.

If you are not obsessing over what you are striving for right now, maybe it is time that you find something else to do.

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