“You won’t become prosperous until you…” – David Villa

You are sitting there right now asking what the difference is between the two, and if different, how is one a bad thing? I’m glad you asked… Let’s take a closer look at both words: Significant is defined as sufficiently great! Not bad, however, it tells me that anyone, at any time, can be significant. You can be great [significant] for an hour each day, or a day each week, or a week each month and yet never become prosperous. If we truly desire greatness AOT [all the time] then we need to not strive to be significant but rather walk in significance. Significance is defined as the quality of being significant…or walking in GREATNESS! A person of significance isn’t just great once a week, they are literally waking up significant and going to bed significant. People who walk in significance are not just a success, but they instead are prosperous. Let me explain. A goal is an object that is conceived and then subsequently birthed form a person’s ambition. In other words, the very thing you are passionate about or that fires you up beyond comprehension produces ambition. You get this strong desire or determination to achieve success, but keep in mind that success doesn’t live on a cul de sac. So what we define as success in our minds a lot of time is really prosperous. Success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose {not bad huh?}…but again anyone can succeed once a day, week, month, or year but to really win let us become prosperous, which is defined as successful! The difference between significant/significance and success/prosperous is [SOT & AOT]…Some of the time or All of the time….Life or lifestyle…one happens because we are in this game of life and the other happens when we embrace it as a lifestyle. One says {Sign–if–I – CANT} the other {Sign–if–I CAN–ce}. Answering my quote above “You won’t become prosperous until you…”

  1. Have goals (s,m,l) [short, mid, long]
  2. Write them down (top 3% do…bottom 97% don’t)
  3. Filter them (are they outdated, unrealistic etc…)
  4. Get a plan
  5. Execute the plan

Ten ingredients that separate significant from significance and success from prosperous:

  1. Commitment
  2. Determination
  3. Passion
  4. Focus
  5. Desire
  6. Growth
  7. Talent
  8. Grit
  9. Action
  10. Change

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