What Makes The iPD Agency Different??

iPD is not your typical automotive direct mail marketing agency. We're a forward-thinking, innovative team with a passion for the automotive industry. As direct mail marketing has evolved, we've evolved with it.

In an automotive industry starved for direct mail innovation, we're changing the game one fully connected marketing experience at a time.

Our Hybrid+ program bridges the gap between digital and direct mail marketing that often plagues most traditional programs.

We're reaching qualified customers via their mailbox, inbox, social media, and mobile devices. We don't wait for them to come to us. We go where they go!



Real-time Data Pull
Data pulled utilizing 40+ filters, including income, beacon range, bankruptcy, repossession and more. A live Equifax 9.0 auto-adjusted score pulled directly from the credit bureau through our lender with custom beacon range.


Facebook Blast
Live Buyback and Credit Sale Targeting over 50k in your market.  We regularly average over 100 set appointments over 7 days with a 70% show rate.


SmartMail Drop
Your mail lands in the mailboxes of your target audience and leads begin coming in via email, text, phone, and walk-ins.


BDC & Appointment Communications
Our in-house BDC/Internet Sales Department handles all the heavy lifting for your sales team in order to deliver appointments that show.We staff both a daytime and evening team of automotive BDC specialists to answer leads in real-time with real people.


Second Wind
Your customers deserve a second chance, so we send out a letter extending the pre-approval offer of credit for customers that initially responded, but didn’t make an appointment.


Hybrid+ Support
We know exactly how to handle the customers we bring in. We’ll help with initial up training for your campaign and live new hire training.


We believe that automotive marketing shouldn't be done solely through direct mail, nor through digital marketing alone.
To achieve the greatest ROI on your investment, we've created FULLY connected marketing experiences that combine the best features of both automotive direct mail and digital marketing.

Most traditional direct mail programs rely on consumers receiving an offer letter and hoping it generates enough interest to bring them into the dealership. When done right, this is an incredibly effective marketing tool. However, when combined with digital marketing it becomes an unstoppable, beast of a tool! That's why Hybrid+ focuses on creating a connected marketing experience that focuses heavily on a "repetition is recognition" approach. We're targeting consumers at home and on-the-go....the best part is, IT WORKS!


In a world gone digital, there is still a large segment of our population that only trusts things they can physically see, feel and touch, which is why direct mail remains highly effective. It's also why we remain committed to utilizing direct mail components in our Hybrid + program. Likewise, there is also a large segment who prefer a more organic, digital approach from advertisers. They've become overwhelmed by "mailbox clutter". That's where Hybrid+ steps in to bridge the gap by combining direct mail credit offers and targeted Facebook Buyback Events. These solutions allow us to successfully engage all audience segments.


We have 40+ filters that allow us to drill down and target the exact type of customers our clients are looking for. This includes: Beacon range, income, current car payment, bankruptcy and repossession history, and more.


We not only know exactly who we're targeting, but we also know the moment they respond. All leads are uploaded real-time into a custom CRM that allows our clients to track campaign health at all times. We give your customer the ability to respond their way by allowing them to reply by phone, email, text or online.


Credit Apps Attached

Appointments Set

Check out these stats on our BDC/Internet Sales Department:

  • We currently have a 75% successful appointment percentage.
  • Our BDC obtains credit applications for 80% of appointments set.
  • Every call is recorded for quality assurance.
  • We handle both inbound and outbound calls.
  • We will work hand-in-hand with your existing BDC.


We Do the Heavy Lifting For You
Our in-house BDC/Internet Sales Department is designed to do all the heavy lifting for your sales team. Our BDC specialists are comprised of twelve qualified individuals, who have an average tenure of five years. They know their stuff!

To ensure we don't miss a lead, we staff both a daytime and evening team of automotive BDC specialists! This component of our program is perhaps the most vital of all. We are more than a call center.

Our Business Development Center works as an extension of your dealership!





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