Dynamic Solutions for
Automotive Dealers.

Are you tired of losing out on potential customers who visit your website but don’t convert?

You know those sneaky website visitors who pop in, shop around, and then vanish into thin air? Well, we’ve cracked the code on how to bring them back into the spotlight, and help you stop losing opportunities!

95%+ of website shoppers leave without converting, and many of them stay in the market for a car longer than ever before! But your best opportunities are also the people shopping on your website today.

Imagine having the ability to recapture lost leads and turn them into enthusiastic customers – well, now you can thanks to the latest update to our Hybrid solution!

Get the Solutions You Need

    Complete Pixel Recapture

    Identify In-Market Shoppers

    Automated technology identifies your lost shoppers and the items they are interested in. We will set specific criteria for website shoppers to meet before they are added to your audience. This ensures that you only pay for data that exactly meets the profile you are looking for.

    You’re losing opportunities every day, but we are your solution for identifying and selling to these people!

    Dynamic Funnel

    We take into account interest and intent signals that your identified website visitor is leaving you. Using information about your visitor we are able create on the fly ad content featuring the items they are interested in.

    After seeing a personalized Dynamic Inventory TikTok Ad that drives website traffic and on-site conversions, then a separate creative TikTok Lead Generation Video Retargeting Campaign, Dynamic Personalized Email Funnel, Dynamic Facebook Ads, Google Display Ads, AND Dynamic Postcards will target shoppers that engaged, did not convert on your website, but were identified with our Pixel.


    Days of advertising to each identified shopper


    Marketing channels including Email, Social Media, and Display


    Done for you! Our in-house BDC will work the leads.


    Leads converted into an appointment/conversion


    Units Sold


    Qualified Leads generated via TikTok
    iPD Agency Sales Team Group posing

    Let’s Make It Happen

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