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Grow With Purpose.

We're Changing The Way

Connects With Customers.

Welcome to the future of marketing and automation. iPD Agency believes in using tech to empower people, not replace them. We use our tech to empower our team of real, highly trained Convert Pros that will engage with leads to turn them into buyers. We focus on follow up so you can focus on running your business!

iPD Agency Automotive Marketing and more small businesses we work with text graphic

But that's not all we do. As a full service creative agency we help our clients with video production web design social management paid ad management photography ghostwriting and more!

iPD Agency Automotive Marketing Our Story David and Diana Villa

IPD Agency was started in 1995 by David & Diana Villa, cold calling local dealerships from the bedroom of their apartment. From this humble beginning to a full service marketing agency, David, Diana, & their team have seen great change throughout the years within the automotive industry, and in marketing itself.

It is through their leadership, passion, and faith in Christ that they have been able to adapt and overcome any obstacles within their way.

How Can We Help?
IPD Agency Automotive Marketing CEO David Villa and CFO Diana Villa
iPD Agency Automotive Marketing designer creating social media campaign

Let’s Make It Happen

At iPD Marketing Agency, we’re DETERMINED to make it happen! If you’re wondering if we can help you, or if we will understand your niche need, the answer is 99.9997% YES
We practice innovation as a fundamental part of who we are in order to cultivate excellence AND to ultimately HELP YOU grow with purpose.

iPD Agency Automotive Marketing Videographer recording social media dealer ad

Innovative Marketing.

Companies that switch to iPD Agency immediately see

3 Instant Benefits.

Taking your ideas from concept to reality is what we do best. We connect our clients with their customers, with proven, measurable results.


Leads converted into an appointment for your business


Time saved on lead follow up and content creation


Fresh perspective. You'll be surprised by our creativity!


Leads converted into an appointment for your business


Time saved on lead follow up and content creation


Fresh perspective. You'll be surprised by our creativity!

Efficient. Results. Effective. Service. Management. Full Service. Marketing Agency.

Efficient. Results. Effective. Service. Management. Full Service. Marketing Agency.

IPD Agency Automotive Marketing How Do We Do It Stylized Text

Lead Generation

Are you ready to step up your game with high ROI lead generation marketing campaigns? Our marketing team works tirelessly to provide clients with high-quality ad content that converts on platforms like TikTok, Facebook, Instagram and MORE!

Full-Service Marketing

Our marketing team is well-versed in the latest Digital Marketing trends. You’ll find them researching and applying new social media and email marketing techniques on a daily basis. Let iPD Agency work with your business to apply the most effective marketing strategies available right now!

Complete Design

Looking to level up your overall brand presence and design quality? Look no further! iPD Agency has a world-class creative team ready to help you with UI/UX design for your website or app, video production, animation, photoshoots, brand asset creation/redesign, and much more!

Core Values

Our core values here at iPD Agency tie everything together. If you want to learn more about our culture and what drives us, then click here! And if you want to integrate your own core values into your brand design, then we can help you accomplish that goal.

Lead Generation

Ad Campaigns

Full-Service Marketing

Digital and Print

Complete Design

Film and Production


The iPD Agency Core

Tailored to Your Marketing Needs

Custom Services

Enjoy a vast array of carefully designed & unique marketing services suited for any industry.


Anyone can make a video now days, but you need videos that represent your brand, and make people want to work with you. That’s where we come in.


You need more customers, more brand awareness, more traffic, more engagement and conversions from your traffic? Let us handle it!


Our team can design anything from social media graphics to advanced motion graphics. Need help with UI/UX for your new app? No problem!

Packaged Options

Our specially designed packages that cater to the needs of Auto Dealers and other B2C industries.


The premier TikTok, Facebook and Instagram marketing campaign to drive BUYERS into your business. 3 platforms + our BDC = HUGE results.


More than just mail. Our Smart Mail can utilize Credit Data directly from the Credit Bureaus, and a host of digital signals to reach your ideal prospects.


Choose your platform! Facebook, Instagram or TikTok. Our digital campaign, connected with our in-house BDC will drive results! We do all the heavy lifting.

iPD Agency Automotive Marketing CEO David Villa posing with Digital Dealer attendees
David Villa, CEO, speaking at iPD Automotive Marketing Agency
iPD Agency Automotive Marketing CEO David Villa talking during a podcast
iPD Agency Automotive Marketing owners David and Diana on Live Podcast
Diana Villa iPD Agency CFO

Ready to Take the Next Move?

Let's Start Talking
iPD Automotive Marketing Agency Office Drone Shot
iPD Agency Automotive Marketing Team Picture
iPD Automotive Marketing Agency Video and Audio Specialist Ezra Baucom recording conference
iPD Marketing Agency hosting NOW Automotive conference
Josh Fontaine Automotive Marketing Sales Manager at iPD Agency
Ernesto Servan sitting in a chair at NOW Automotive Mastermind Event

What Leaders Have to Say About Our Marketing Agency

iPD's been around a long time, but where their future is what's really exciting. They're a very progressive agency. They're very innovative. This is an agency you can partner with that will take on the majority of the heavy lifting!

Rick RicartRicart Automotive

iPD’s Facebook campaign is responsible for 20% of our total monthly sales and we sell 250 vehicles new and used every month!! So iPD generates a solid 50 of those deliveries!

George PappajohnStevenson Hendrick Toyota

I deliver 50 vehicles per week every time I run a campaign with iPD Agency! I recommend this and if you don’t do it you’re missing out!

Bill VeulemanCampbell Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

This event has produced a months worth of traffic in two days!!

Keith BayirdBayird Automotive Group