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Buchanan Automotive had worked with iPD Agency every month for years at this point, and their General Manager Mike Svoboda spoke with our marketing team about new opportunities…new unexplored territory that might present huge growth potential for his dealership.

Our team presented a way to utilize TikTok to attract car buyers, which was the start to an ongoing series of social media marketing campaigns that continues to reach new customers, grow their brand, and (most importantly) provide a huge boost to sold units each month!

Buchanan Automotive's benefits for working with iPD Agency

3 Instant Benefits.

Take a look at the results from this ONE campaign spanning a two week period. Continue scrolling to learn more about exactly what we did!


Leads converted into an appointment/conversion


Units Sold


Qualified Leads generated via TikTok


Leads converted into an appointment/conversion


Units Sold


Qualified Leads generated via TikTok
Buchanan Automotive Location Stylized Collage for Visualization

The Challenge

Buchanan had already grown from moving around 60 units per month to well over 200 while working with us. But as many dealers know, continuing that level of growth requires innovation. That’s especially true when you’re located in a town with a population around 10,000.

What we were doing was working well, but we needed more.


Current Monthly Sales Volume


Target Monthly Sales Volume

Buchanan Automotive Location Stylized Collage for Visualization

Our Approach

Find an Untapped Market

After exploring several options, we landed on the best opportunity to reach a valuable untapped market: TikTok. No dealers weren’t using TikTok for Lead Generation in 2021, and OEMs were only using it for Brand Awareness. This was a huge opportunity!

Over half of the audience in the US is 30+ years old, user growth is huge, time spent on the platform and engagement metrics are insane, AND the biggest points of value…50% of people use the platform to research new products, and then 35% of people BUY products because they saw them on TikTok!

Stop the Scroll

But how do we get this platform audience’s attention? We started experimenting with TikTok lead generation campaigns by internally testing several different pieces of creative video content produced by our marketing team before we actually started Buchanan’s campaign. After landing on a TikTok Video that was a clear winner, we ran the campaign targeting in-market car buyers!

Create Appointments that Show

This campaign immediately generated incredible response (with no gifts or giveaways), but it wouldn’t matter if we couldn’t get people into Buchanan Automotive’s showroom with confirmed appointments. Our in-house BDC went to work connecting with every lead quickly, and utilizing customized scripting that was tailored to this new type of customer.

"They're really up on the changing of the market and it's a company that meets the needs of the dealer, not just the needs of the agency."

Mike Svobda Buchanan Automotive General Manager profile shot

Mike Svobda, GM of Buchanan Automotive

The Solution

With this campaign we found that TikTok Lead Generation advertising would become the best option to combine with Buchanan Automotive’s already active Facebook, Instagram and Direct Mail marketing in order to reach their increased sales goals.

TikTok created the opportunity to be practical and generate immediate, high quality leads from an untapped market while also leveling up their brand with creative, quality video content.

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The Results

Here is what Mike Svoboda and the team at Buchanan Automotive were most excited about from this campaign.

Buchanan Automotive People with their new purchased cars


Over a 2 week period. This amounted to just over 25% of their entire monthly sales volume and over $200,000 in gross profit!

iPD Agency Sales Team Group posing

Let’s Make It Happen

Want to learn more about what we can do? Click below to connect with our incredible team! We’re looking for lasting partnerships to help our clients unlock rapid growth. Tell us where you are and where you want to be. We’ll help you achieve your goals.