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Street Volkswagen of Amarillo has always been a creative dealership with General Manager John Luciano at the helm. John was excited to explore the best new channels for marketing their store, and TikTok was the first place we started.

Our team presented a way to utilize TikTok to attract car buyers, which was the start to an ongoing series of social media marketing campaigns that continues to reach new customers, grow their brand, and (most importantly) provide a huge boost to sold units each month!

Street Volkswagen of Amarillo's benefits for working with iPD Agency

3 Instant Benefits.

Take a look at the results from this ONE campaign spanning a 8-day period. Continue scrolling to learn more about exactly what we did!


Appointments in ONE DAY


Show Rate


Cars Sold in ONE DAY


Leads converted into an appointment/conversion


Units Sold


Qualified Leads generated via TikTok

The Challenge

Street Volkswagen of Amarillo has been experiencing tremendous growth! However, during the time frame of this campaign the dealership was in need of trades to replenish their inventory.

So, the challenge was to bring people in with trades that would benefit their dealership. Of course, replenishing their inventory was important, but John still wanted to sell cars to everyone possible as well!

Let’s get into how we solved this problem.


Current Inventory Level


Full Inventory Goal

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Our Approach

Find New Opportunities

TikTok was a market that wasn’t explored yet at this point, but we already knew that it worked great elsewhere. We worked with Street Volkswagen to create video ad content we could test between Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. Once we knew TikTok would provide the greatest ROI, that’s where we targeted their marketing campaign.

TikTok turned out to be the best option for digital marketing because of how people use the platform. People go to TikTok to learn tips, tricks, and hacks for all sorts of things…including car buying advice. Huge numbers of people in their local market were searching for advice on if they should sell their car. They wanted to know where to get the best deal, and all we had to do was connect with this audience FIRST.

Stop the Scroll

Now that we know potential car buyers and valuable trades are all over TikTok looking for answers, how do we convince them that Street Volkswagen is the solution to their problem?

We took the time to research what questions people wanted answered the most in the Amarillo market. As it turns out, they wanted to know if they could still sell their car even if they owed money on it. That’s it. Simple, right?

We also found that most people had no idea that, depending on your leasing company, you actually CAN sell a lease and make money. This used to be rare, but not in a market with record high used car values.

Create Appointments that Show

This campaign immediately generated huge response, and our in-house BDC went to work. The team at Street Volkswagen reported an 80% show rate. There was even a single day with 20 appointments, which resulted in 7 cars sold and even more vehicles acquired to replenish their inventory. In ONE DAY!

"Saturday morning, just came out of the sales meeting and we have 21 appointments already set and we're not even running right now. This is residual traffic from 2 weeks ago!"

John Luciano Street VW of Amarillo General Manager profile shot

John Luciano, GM of Street Volkswagen of Amarillo

The Solution

With this campaign we found that TikTok Lead Generation advertising would become the best option to combine with Street Volkswagen’s already active Facebook and Instagram marketing in order to reach their increased sales goals.

TikTok created the opportunity to be practical and generate immediate, high quality leads from an untapped market while also leveling up their brand with creative, quality video content.

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The Results

Here is what John Luciano and the team at Street Volkswagen of Amarillo were most excited about from this campaign.

Street Volkswagen of Amarillo Car Sales Collage for Visualization


This resulted in 7 cars sold in one day from only our campaign and many more total sales and vehicles acquired over the duration of the TikTok marketing campaign.

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Let’s Make It Happen

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